Evangeline’s Costume Mansion

The Old Sacramento Waterfront District is charming with it’s cobblestone streets, railroad museum and gold rush era brick buildings. It feels like you’re walking around a Western set and it’s filled with touristy shops and restaurants. It does not seem like it’s changed much since I was a kid. The first time I visited Old Sacramento, I was on a junior high field trip to the State Capital. On that 7th Grade field trip I purchased my first Tarot Deck from Garden of Enchantment. I visited it recently and that shop is exactly as I remember it.

This was my first visit to Evangeline’s Costume Mansion. The front entrance definitely caught my attention- tentacles from a sea creature holding a diver, a black box that looks like a time machine by the staircase.

There’s a few mannequins in steam punk and goth dresses and a holiday display of runner chickens pulling Santa and his sleigh, all beckoning me to come in.

If the devil is in the details, this shop has lots and lots of details. The historic Lady Adams building was erected in 1852 and was the only building to survive a fire that year, making it the oldest building in Sacramento

The fireplace in Storybook Land.
Floating door.
You can ask the staff about the shop scavenger hunt called “Murder & Mayhem” in each of the 8 rooms.
The Circus Room
Lots of goodies
Short video tour

I think the shop has everything covered as far as costumes and fantastic displays. Each room had different music playing to complete the ambiance. It’s a one of a kind, woman owned business. Stop by next time you’re in Sacramento.

Cheers to another long day.

Outside of River City Saloon in Old Sacramento Waterfront District

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