The Mini Time Machine

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures located in Tucson, AZ. (Currently open, purchase timed entry ticket online, mask required)

The Museum immediately exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a small building, possibly a warehouse or even someone’s house. The facility is modern and the collection is impressive and very well curated.

The museum is a non profit founded by Patricia and Walter Arnell and opened in 2009. General admission price is $10.50. Plan on 1 – 2 hours time.

The piece “Just Suits” c1900 has a macabre story of the creators death and a couple of miniature “momento mori” objects added to it.

The museum features over 500 dollhouses and room boxes in the permanent collection as well as temporary exhibits. You can view “Minis Magnified” online at Mini Time Machine Collection

The Mini Time Machine takes you from different time periods, to far away lands, from fairies and witches to modern day reality.

The museum is recommended for all ages, anyone with a bit of curiosity and imagination. Those who fancy weird and creepy. An absolute heaven for anyone who collects or has interest in miniatures and dollhouses.

The museum definitely has a personality of its own.

This sign had me thinking the dolls weren’t made by hand, they were once people turned into dolls.

A Halloween Town and Christmas Village

The Museum also features temporary exhibits. I was able to view Behold the Big Top: Jean LeRoys Circus Parade.

A great way to spend an afternoon in Tucson, especially on a hot summer day! It’s located about 8 miles from downtown, north east side of town. I took an Uber, but a great stop if you have a rental car or someone to drive you.

Cheers to another long day!

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