The Spiritualist town of Cassadaga

I found the spiritualist town of Cassadaga while I was planning a day trip from Jacksonville to Orlando. C. Greene’s Haunted History Museum appeared on the map. I added it to my route imagining it was just a roadside attraction, but it was actually an interesting community.

Horseshoe Park and Fairytale Trail

The town was founded in 1894 by a trance medium George Colby. He claimed that his Native American spirit guide “Seneca” had led him to the property. He partnered with another psychic, Theodore Giddings and they developed the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association. The town claims to be the “Psychic Capital of the World”. New Age Spiritualists, Mediums, Psychics and Healers live in this 57 acre camp. It includes a fairy 🧚‍♂️ park, a hotel that they claim is haunted, one restaurant and a haunted history museum.

You can buy crystals, metaphysical goods, book a medium, get a reiki session, tarot card reading, and more. The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp hosts various events and offers history tours, including “Cassadaga After Dark – Find the Spirit Tour” and the “Encounter the Spirits Tour”. You can find more info at

C. Green’s Haunted History Museum is located inside of a 119 year old building with an array of items from the town’s history, Native American artifacts, haunted dolls, cryptozoology, horror, seance, an alien and other things spooky and weird.

The population of Cassadaga is around 600 people. I noticed that it was mostly women that were on site to serve the hand full of tourist passing through on a weekday afternoon. It’s a small, quiet little town but I recommend checking it out. It’s not too far from Daytona Beach or Orlando. To be honest, the town is probably one of the strangest and most bizarre places I have been to date! It’s unusual but charming.

I was quickly passing through town and unfortunately, did not stop at the hotel or take a tour. I also missed out on “The Devil’s Chair” located at Lake Helen – Cassadaga Cemetery. Next time, on another long day!

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