The House on the Rock

Come take a trip with me to the middle of nowhere in the Midwest. Located about an from Madison, Wisconsin in Spring Green you will find the most unusual and bizarre house in North America.

Alex Jordan Jr. opened this tourist attraction to the public in the 1960’s. The original house is built on a 60 foot Deer Shelter Rock and attached to the house is an Infinity Room. Additional buildings were later added. The property is divided into three sections with various rooms and themes.

It takes approximately 4 hours to go through. Mechanical music players, the largest indoor carousel (which has no horses), a whale larger than the Statue of Liberty, collections of clowns, dolls, guns, nostalgia, vehicles and more. It’s something to experience with your own eyes.

The outside of the property has Asian gardens.

The Alex Jordan Jr Center

The Original House on the Rock

The Infinity Room has 3,000 pieces of glass.

The Mill House opened in 1968 and the first room to show collections of antiques and curiosities. Even the bathrooms are filled with collections.

The Streets of Yesterday was opened in 1971 and was inspired by the Streets of Milwaukee exhibit in the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Heritage of the Sea

Tribute to Nostalgia

The Music of Yesterday

The Red Room

The Spirit of Aviation

The Carousel Room. Completed in 1981. Said to be the world’s largest indoor carousel. The carousel has no horses but instead 269 creatures that were imagined by Alex Jordan Jr and his artistic team.

The Doll Carousel


The Organ Room. Metal scrap artist Tom Every aka Dr Evermor was said to have been a major contributor to the design of this room.

Inspiration Point

The House on the Rock is magnificent and overwhelming. Probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. You should go at least once and I hope to visit again. You can easily spend the day here.

Lots of walking around but no climbing or stairs. About halfway through they have a cafe. They also offer filtered water throughout the property. Outside food or drink is not permitted but they have picnic tables in the parking lot.

Check out The House on the Rock for more info.

Thanks for joining me on another long day!

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