The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum

The Mystic Museum is actually a trifecta of weird and creepy- The Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities, a dark clothing and accessories shop and the Mystic Museum that features rotating themed horror inspired traditional art and interactive art and collectibles.

My visit was during the Addam’s Family exhibit. They also have a victorian seance parlor which I believe is part of their permanent collection.

The museum was opened by Eric Yaro and Kiko Bailey in 2013. The museum and shop seems to have continued success and they have opened another immersive art exhibit called Slashback Video, just a few blocks from the Mystic Museum.

The Mystic Museum has rotating exhibits and art work. Admission varies depending on the exhibit- the current exhibit “90s Slashers” is $16 and on display until the end of the year. They also hold special events and the space is available to rent for private events.

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